Mi Casa, Su Casa Door Mat (doormat) - funny, grumpy doormat

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Why have a boring old door mat when you can make a unique statement coming AND going!

This humorous doormat informs your guests that 'Mi casa' is not always 'Su casa'. 'Mi casa' points to your door and 'Su Casa' kindly shows them the way back to their own house...

Item is a 18" x 30", vinyl-backed, coir mat hand-stenciled with outdoor acrylic paint. Coir is a natural fiber taken from the husk of coconuts, a renewable material.


1. This mat will naturally shed some fibers with use and is therefore best utilized as an outdoor mat.

2. This mat should be used under a covered porch or patio. Direct exposure to rain/puddles will cause the mat to darken and fibers to 'frizz', blurring the text.