Hey Y'all / Bye Now © Door Mat

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Why have a boring old door mat when you can make a unique statement coming AND going!

Treat your guests to some good, old-fashioned southern hospitality. They will be greeted with a 'Hey Y'all' and sent on their way with a 'Bye Now'. Perfect for any southerner, regardless of where they live!

Item is a 18" x 30", vinyl-backed, coir mat hand-stenciled with outdoor acrylic paint. Coir is a natural fiber taken from the husk of coconuts, a renewable material.


1. This mat will naturally shed some fibers with use and is therefore best utilized as an outdoor mat.

2. This mat should be used under a covered porch or patio. Direct exposure to rain/puddles will cause the mat to darken and fibers to 'frizz', blurring the text.